Who we are

SIRD is a scientific society that associates university teachers who do research in the field of education.

The Company promotes

  • The development of operational pedagogical disciplines
  • Scientific reflection on the methodologies and techniques of pedagogical and didactic research, mainly the empirical and experimental one
  • The comparison and discussion on the great topics of teaching and training – The most correct use of educational technologies
  • Studies and research on the problems of the quality of teaching and training

The Company encourages

  • Production and testing of educational materials and tools for educational communication
  • The development and improvement of distance teaching techniques and procedures
  • Investigations on the most correct and effective use of telematic tools applied to teaching and education
  • Quality audits for everything related to teaching, education, training, orientation and planning, both in the school and in the ex-school

The company participates to

  • The debate on the reforms of the school and the national education system, on the quality of teaching, on the university’s developments and on the great themes of school politics in Italy and in Europe
  • Studies and research promoted by scholastic bodies, Ministries, Institutions and Institutions that operate in the field of teaching and training.


The purpose of a scientific Society is to build and disseminate knowledge in its field of study. The SIRD, a scientific society that associates university professors and experts who carry out research in the educational and didactic field, carries out this task within its own field of investigation which is that of the macro sector 11 / D2: “Didactics, special pedagogy and educational research “(Methodologies of Teaching and Educational Research).

In order to better define this task and contextualise it in a perspective of change and innovation of the education and training system, in 2013, it was elaborated and published in the Italian Journal of Educational Research (n.10 / 2013), in the form of an editorial, a MANIFEST FOR EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH AND DIDACTIC INNOVATION.All those interested in the topics of educational research and educational innovation are invited to read and disseminate the Manifesto both to know more accurately the specifics of the SIRD and to identify the areas in which the research can contribute to improve and qualify policies in the field. educational.

For more details on the objectives and the association purposes, see the Articles of Association and the Regulations.