Observatory “Teachers education”


Loredana Perla


Teacher professionalization and quality of education are at the center of the international political and scientific debate (Talis, 2013; Ocse, 2013; Education and Trainin 2020; OECD, 2014; Eurydice, 2015, 2018; EC, 2017, 2018).
The drive towards Teacher Education theorization is occurring so rapidly in the various countries of the world that scholars are encouraged to talk about (a sort of) ‘revolution’ in training.
Comparing the proposals described in various International and European documents, (UE, Euridyce Report, 2015; UE Eurydice Report, 2018; UE, Education and Training, 2013; Talis, 2013; Ocse, 2013; Unesco, 2003) it is possible to note some common characteristics in the institutional professionalization programs of the different countries – they:
– are based on research-oriented models;
– consider teachers as active partners in training;
– provide for the co-construction of devices for observation, evaluation, reflection.
Teachers have been recognized as key actors in all strategies aimed at enoucrage the development of the knowledge society and the economy.
In the lifelong and wide learning society, teacher training is assumed as a vector for building the knowledge: this requires a new cultural governance of teacher training able of responding to the requests of the development of the society and of the centrality of the person (that are always the task of the School and, therefore, of the teachers).
This question – which also requires a repositioning of the University in order to design project trajectories and new training models – has been faced in our country with great delay in terms of regulation and organization of training courses compared to most of the European community.
The Observatory aims to excite, also in Italy, a debate on the topics regarding the Teacher Education. In particular, it expects to:
a) pick up the voices of the academia, the schools, the professional associations about the teacher education and make them available to the SIRD Board for their possible validation;
b) support the evolution of scientific models of teacher training, encouraging the dissemination and discussion of the best international and national experiences;
c) monitor the inner guidelines of the educational policies, forestall the legislative procedures, offer instructively to the Board some positions into the institutional dialogue so as to affect the ministerial decisions on teacher training.

Research fields

The Observatory’s research and study topics are:
a) Pre service and in-service training teacher in a european perspective
b) Framework of special need teacher
c) Technologies and media for teacher training
d) E-teacher and e-tutor: pre-service and in-service training
e) Didctic mediation.


The members of the initial core of the Observatory are: Laura Agrati, Francesca Bracci, Giovanni Bonaiuti, Daniela Maccario, Patrizia Magnoler, Pier Cesare Rivoltella, Antonella Valenti.