Observatory “The quality of the evaluation”


Giovanni Moretti


The attention on issues about the evaluation has deep roots in the history of educational thought and in the educational research. In recent years, the issues of evaluation have always taken a greater prominence in the management of formative institutions, but this centrality has often been acquired to the detriment of caution and the necessary rigor. In particular, the tendency to evaluate everything and everyone risks to conflict with the reflection on the aims of the evaluation itself and with the axioms that oversee the models used. Moreover, the National institutions involved in the evaluation services remain substantially instrumental bodies of the MIUR and do not enjoy the necessary political and economic autonomy that the scientific community considers essential for the evaluation to be conducted correctly.

The Observatory aims to examine the evaluation models in use, to stimulate the reflection of the researchers of the educational area and not, to collect and – if possible – to direct specific research on the different functions of the evaluation at different levels of the system, and to propose to SIRD Directive to assume official positions on issues considered relevant by both traditional and modern researches.

The Observatory also aims to contribute to specific aspects of the training of doctoral research students and of young researchers through the promotion of seminars and study meetings on the research methodology and on the construction and validation of detection and measurement tools. The Observatory on the issues of educational, scholastic and academic evaluation constitutes an opportunity of reflection for the SIRD, and is coordinated by a teacher appointed by the Directive. The Observatory consists of an initial nucleus of colleagues with proven experience on the issues of docimological and evaluative research, which forms the Coordination structure of the Observatory. The subsequent adhesion of other colleagues is conditioned by the unanimous positive judgment of the components of the Coordination structure and the judgment of the Directive.

Colleagues from other disciplines, who have research experience in the topics covered by the work of the Observatory, could be involved in the Observatory as well. The Observatory is autonomous in defining the working methods, the issues to be studied and the internal initiatives.

The Observatory proposes to the Directive: initiatives to be addressed to the members, research initiatives to be supported and documents to be shared and approved by all the members of the SIRD. The Observatory has its own on the SIRD website.

Research fields

The Observatory focuses on these topics of study and research:

  1. the scholastic, formative and summative evaluation, the examination modalities, the system evaluation, the self-evaluation of the schools; the assessment of the impact of the actions on each of the aspects mentioned;
  2. the evaluation of the interventions of the MIUR, INVALSI, INDIRE and ANVUR related to the evaluation issues, their scientific quality and their impact on formative systems;
  3. the comparative study on evaluation systems in use at international level and the examination of the international surveys and their repercussions on national formative systems;
  4. the “initial” and “in service” professional development of teachers on the issue of school evaluation;
  5. the criteria for monitoring and evaluating the quality of the educational and didactic offer of the “Integrated education and education system from birth to age 6”.


The initial Team of the Observatory is made up of the following members: Giovanni Moretti, Pietro Lucisano, Cristina Coggi, Gaetano Domenici, Lucia Giovannini, Achille Maria Notti, Renata Viganò, Massimo Marcuccio, Cristiano Corsini.

The following persons joined the Observatory: Concetta La Rocca, Arianna Lodovica Morini, Irene Stanzione, Arianna Giuliani.