New registrations

To register for the SIRD as a new member, it is necessary to submit an application for membership, accompanied by a curriculum vitae from which it is clear and complete that research activities are carried out, oriented towards the purposes referred to in art. 2 of the Bylaws.

The request must be sent by email to:

The status of a member is taken only after the admission deliberated by the Board of Directors and ratified by the Shareholders’ Meeting.

Only after the admission to member will be regularized registration with the payment of the annual fee (click here).

Types and methods of association are specified in the Regulations and in the Articles of Association. About the types are provided:

  • Ordinary members (researchers, associate professors, extraordinary, ordinary of the state and non-state universities and similar categories of research institutions and institutes, as well as foreign universities).
  • Corresponding member (research doctors and educational research scholars)