SIRD-SIe-L International Conference 2019

Learning Analytics

For a dialogue between teaching practices and educational research

Rome 10-11 May 2019

University of Rome “La Sapienza” – Faculty of Medicine and Psychology

Department of Psychology of Development and Socialization Processes

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Thanks to the ever-widening diffusion of digital learning environments and specific protocols (for example, eye-tracking, activity monitoring, video analysis, content analysis, feelings analysis, immersive worlds), analysis of social networks, analysis of interactions) is now possible to have databases that require innovative approaches and tools for analysis. These new information conditions and the consequent mass production of data have prompted in the last decade the development of a new research field also in the educational field, known as Learning Analytics (LA). Currently, relevant aspects of the teaching-learning process, including those concerning evaluation processes, are explored and analysed with the methods and techniques developed within the LA research community, however the pedagogical dimensions that should be poorly explored to accompany and define, in this specific area of research, the conceptualization of the analysis models, the criteria to accompany the decisional processes related to monitoring and evaluation in-process and those for accessing, visualizing and evaluating the results. The conference intends to promote, within the initiatives promoted by the SIRD observatory “Evaluation in online learning environments”, a debate on some of the emerging issues in the LA scientific community. It is the belief of the SIRD and SIe-L that pedagogy can and should make an important contribution both in orienting research and in building, in Italy, a network of scholars and institutions interested in developing significant surveys and experiences in this new and promising sector. The conference will be divided into working groups (thematic sections) in which the attention will be focused on the following issues:

  1. The increase of knowledge on the different applications of LA in teaching; the pedagogical principles to maximize the success of teaching / learning activities;
  2. Experiences in online systems (LMS and MOOCs); evaluation systems and tools in online systems; experiences related to LA in Italy.

Submission deadline for proposals: 24 April 2019

Proposals (abstracts) must be sent to the address using the format inserted below.


Acceptance: 30 April 2019

The acceptance of the proposals will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee of the Conference which reserves the right to admit the contribution.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Relevance of the theme for educational research (Relevance for educational research)
  • Contribution to the advancement of research and originality (Contribution to the research progress and originality)
  • Clarity and organization of the text (Accuracy and content organization)
  • Explication and coherence of methodological choices (Clarity and coherence of methodological approaches)
  • Relevance of citations and bibliography (Accuracy of quotations and of bibliography).

On the themes of the conference, in the next month of May a call for papers of the Italian Journal of Educational Research will be published for a special issue to collect educational and theoretical research, theoretical, empirical and comparative contributions with international openness and adequately documented experiences.