XIII PhD Students Seminar

Research in doctoral schools in Italy.
Comparing PhD students, doctors and professors

Rome 13-14 June 2019
University of Roma Tre, Department of Education

The seminar will take place at the Department of Education of the Roma Tre University, Aula Volpi (Via del Castro Pretorio, n. 20), with the following times: June 13, starting at 9.30 am, with expert talks and presentations; June 14th, starting at 9.00 am and until 1.00 pm, with expert talks and presentations

The SIRD members, in particular the tutors of the second year PhD students, are invited to send the candidature proposals and an abstract of up to 2000 characters, using the attached format, by May 10, 2019 to the addresses: giovanni.moretti@uniroma3.it, alessandra.lamarca@unipa.it, ira.vannini@unibo.it.

Please note that the time available for each student is max. 30 minutes (20 thesis presentation and 10 discussion thesis).

Third-year PhD students are invited to send their proposals for the presentation of a poster by sending an abstract of up to 2000 characters, by 10 May 2019. The organization of the contents of the poster (texts, graphics, tables, images , etc.) may refer to the following sections: introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusions.

The maximum dimensions of the poster to be delivered on June 14th for public presentation-presentation are: 180 cm high, 90 cm wide.PhD students and PhDs whose application will be accepted by the SIRD Board, in addition to presenting their research during the work of the Seminar, in the form of a report or poster, will subsequently be invited to present a written contribution which upon successful referral will be published in a volume of a new SIRD series.

We are confident in the active participation in the work foreseen in the two days of the Seminar also of the first year PhD students.

For further information, please refer to colleagues Giovanni Moretti (giovanni.moretti@uniroma3.it), Alessandra La Marca (alessandra.lamarca@unipa.it) and Ira Vannini (ira.vannini@unibo.it).

The format is available here.